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Get beautiful turnkey mobile application for your beauty salon at the best price on the web. No setup fee, no hidden charges, cancel at any time!


we've done our homework!

Talking to lots of business owners we've discovered 4 main obstacles why every beauty salon still doesn't have a mobile app. And we've eliminated them all!
It's too complicated - even a 10 year old kid can easily manage your application, there is no need to hire anyone.
It's too buggy - this isn't some creepy do-it-yourself builder. You are getting custom turnkey native application.
It's useless - Letting your clients to book in a few taps? Sending your specials to all customers in a single click?
It's too expensive - Not anymore! We realize it sounds too good to be true. And that is why you should try it out!

Allow your customers to book appointments directly from their smartphones

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Push your specials, engage clients during slow sales periods and save on SMS marketing

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Encourage your clients to bring in new customers

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Reduce no shows - send your customers reminders before their appointments

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Job will be done by professionals!

This is NOT a builder! All you have to do is to provide your content, and professional designer will adapt design to your corporate style, professional animator will make sophisticated splash screen with your logo, professional developers will fill the application with your info. Check out what else you'll get in your app!

Modern and convenient way to inform your customers about the latest news, promotions and innovations

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Let your customers share your news and special offers in social networks, attracting new clients and increasing brand awareness

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We guarantee that none of your competitors will have such beautiful application as yours. Your logo, your brand, unique design. Unless they come to us too :)

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Along with the app you are getting a great bonus - convenient back office where you can manage customer base and timetable FOR FREE! Scroll down to learn more about your application!

List of your masters with photos and detailed information

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List of services you provide with detailed information, photos and prices.

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Photo gallery, general and contact information

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Easily manage all application content anytime you need

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you run no risk

We are eager to have you as our valued customer, that is why we don't charge in advance - you'll be able to install your application on your smartphone to see how it works and looks like before making your final decision!

BeApp IT&Mobile Development

is granting you a great opportunity to get beautiful turnkey mobile apps for your beauty salon & SPA at the best price on the web. Please fill out the form on the right and we'll get back to you ASAP to answer your questions.

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